So don't be afraid, You are Worth More than Many Sparrows

About Tilulu Arts & Culture

Tilulu Arts & Culture

Empowering Women & Children
Founder & CEO: Ray Williams
Registration number : IT003295/2013
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Telephone: +27828862118


Tilulu Arts & Culture was established with the vision to explore, build and to embrace the Pride and Heritage of our people, Africa. We endeavour to unite a Rainbow Nation of women, youths and children, across diverse cultures, exploring the arts world. Granting the less fortunate the freedom to develop their creativity and to provide opportunities for the community to participate as creators, learners and performers. To nurture valuable ideals, by encouraging youths to be dedicated, responsible and caring individuals, ready to meet the challenging demands we are faced with in our rapidly changing world. We seek to provide the proper guidance and support our future generation need to thrive and lead sustainable and successful lives one day.


  • Tilulu Arts & Culture was established with the aim to help keep kids off the street and to help eradicate the drug epidemic affecting our youth of today. Children tend to get up to mischief, because they are bored and do not have the means, or funds to attend extra mural activities. Our aim is to provide the means for children, who seem to be without hope, to help give them a brighter and prosperous future.
  • We believe with the proper facilities and qualified teachers, youths will be able to tap into their creative talents and gifts, which will encourage them to do better in all aspects of their lives. It is our aim to encourage this.
  • To provide students the opportunity to learn new skills and to partake in competitions, or exhibitions, local and abroad.
  • To help empower abused, unemployed and uneducated women through counselling sessions, coaching and social support groups. To help find them employment and hope of a better future.
  • At our social support groups, we wish to offer women the chance to meet other women in similar situations. We believe that’s where healing takes place, when women get together to talk about their problems and support one another.
  • To conduct regular lectures at schools regarding HIV and Contraception and to educate youths about the dangers of unprotected sex & unwanted pregnancies.

Our Motto

“So don’t be AFRAID! You are worth more than many sparrows”… (Matthew 10:31)

“Spread your wings and soar like an eagle, believe in yourself and reach for the sky so you can fall amongst the stars”, is what I always tell my two small children Joshua and Skye.

All our children need is to be loved and to believe in themselves, but with our growing rate of single mothers, absent fathers, broken homes and impoverished households, children tend to be neglected and that’s where their problems start. They have no one to talk too and they feel unloved and unwanted. Some turn to drugs, while others leave home in the hope of finding something better out there. Not many have success stories to tell, sadly some don’t even make it to thirty. Our hope and vision for women, single mothers and children, is to offer them a helping hand where they can start believing in themselves, their gifts and their abilities. To help them grow into who they were meant to be, inconsiderate of their circumstances or where they may come from.

Lessons we Wish to Offer with the Aid of Financial Support

  • Singing lessons
  • Dance (contemporary, ballroom, ballet)
  • Art (drawing, painting, sculpting)
  • Art Therapy (for children with emotional and social behavioural problems)
  • Writing & Poetry

Classes we Want to Focus on for Wowen

  • Art
  • Support Group
  • Coaching
  • Motivational talks


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All monetary donations welcome to cover running cost, food and transport fees

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