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Case Study - Tumi

I also have little Tumi of five who could not hold a pencil properly and wasn’t sure which hand to use either when I first started drawing with him. Tumi has improved drastically and now knows how to hold a pencil in his right hand. It took a lot of patience to guide his hand in mine so he could feel the strokes of the pencil and to see how I hold and use my hand when I draw.

Tumi trying his best to hold his pencil properly and with a huge improvement

Here I take Tumi’s hand in mine and gently guide him as he draws his picture

I enjoy my time with the children and even though I may not be getting paid to do what I am doing, it still brings great joy to my heart that I am able to do something I always wanted to do, working with children and at the same time I am finding myself as the artist I was born to be.

Below you can see how he strives to do his best. He is now able to hold his pencil with very little assistance from me and although he still finds it difficult to discuss his drawings with me in person, at least he tries his best and that is very rewarding to me as his art teacher. He still battles with a lack of confidence and self-esteem but with continuous stimulating and encouraging from us as art teachers, art therapists and social workers, we can help heal children like him. Children are the leaders of our future and with so many of them having to deal with personal issues of their own, it’s making the future seem very bleak indeed.

It’s my vision to employ qualified art teachers and art therapists to help assist with more children and to work towards opening an Art & Culture School in our community. At the moment I can only do so much to try and help these kids but I am hopeful that in future we will bare good fruit because we are committed to our cause and not to making money.

In the time that I’ve worked with these kids, I’ve seen an improvement in their confidence levels and social skills. All my kids, including my two little boys Sibi and Tumi are adapting well by creating wonderful art work that really pleases me. Nothing is more rewarding than to see a child conquer obstacles that may get in their way of leading prosperous, happy and fulfilled lives and a good place to start is by learning how to create art. It teaches them the importance of respecting someone else’s ideas and opinions that are different to their own.

Tumi creating a drawing he didn’t feel free discussing with me but I took great joy in watching him hold a pencil and crayon, something he could not do when I first started teaching him.