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Book Club

The Benefits of a Woman's Book Club

When life gets hectic, taking some quiet time to yourself to read, can be a good way to relax. Most of us need a push to get motivated and by joining a book club, you have to set time aside as book clubs provides clear deadlines on a regular basis for each individual to have a chance to discuss the book they've read. The more we read, the better writer’s we become and book clubs are a great way to expose oneself to a variety of different styles and genres to help writing skills grow.

It is also a good way of meeting people from different walks of life. While reading a book is wonderful, sharing it with others who have followed a similar solitary journey, brings a whole new perspective on the experience. Taking time to enjoy yourself and have some fun with books and other people is rewarding in itself.

Discussing books helps to reinforce things in your mind and enable you to retain information better. It is also a great way to appreciate other cultures – not only through the books we read, but also through any members with different backgrounds. Participating in reading group discussions, is beneficial for communicating skills, it teaches one to listen effectively to different points of view and different ways of expression without resorting to emotional arguments. It teaches you to be honest and yet tactful, which is a difficult but extremely valuable skill. You learn to express yourself appropriately and accept disagreements without taking it personally.

For those with writing aspirations, book clubs can be a wonderful breeding ground for ideas as well as providing the motivation needed for you to engage in your own literary masterpiece and what better way for a bunch of like-minded women to get together over a cup of tea to discuss some juicy, intricate detail of whichever book they may have gotten their hands on.