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Dance Lessons

Dance and its Benefits

Dancing is a form of physical exercise that improves mental and physical wellbeing. Experts will agree that physical activity increases neurotransmitter substances in the brain (endorphins), which create a state of well-being. Dancing also improves the function of circulatory, respiratory, muscular and skeletal systems and helps one stay physically fit. Other benefits include the reduction of stress since one can develop a positive body image and mind through dancing. It also improves one’s self-esteem and leads to an active, healthy lifestyle since one is required to eat healthy, exercise regularly to keep fit and to put in as much practice as possible .

Targeted Audience

Children in poorer communities will benefit tremendously if they have something like dancing to keep themselves busy with after school. This will also help keep them off the streets and away from mischief. It’s a good way of bringing different cultures together and meeting new and interesting friends.

Type of Lessons

With adequate funding, we would like to partake in dance lessons which includes, ballroom dancing, ballet and contemporary dancing for children between the age groups of 4-18yrs.