So don't be afraid, You are Worth More than Many Sparrows

Women & Youth Support Group

Main Speaker- Kholekile Maureen Nkumane

A Little More about my beautiful sister Kholi who is a devout Christian and a very close friend of mine (Ray). Both Kholi and I share a passion of wanting to help others, especially women and children in our less fortunate communities. Our common ground we walk each day as single mothers have brought us both to embark on a mission to reach out to those less fortunate or to those who need some Spiritual up-lifting. Here we can see Kholi conducting Fellowship evenings and reading from the Bible to the youths in Tsakane, Brakpan, east of Johannesburg. We also see her involved at a function for women and their daughters in Tsakane, Brakpan where most of these gatherings take place. Kholi plays an active role as Main Speaker at our support groups and her expertise of hosting events or fund raisers are remarkable as she always applies herself whole-heartedly to anything she undertakes to do. She pours her heart and soul into bringing words of love, encouragement and Godly wisdom to those who need emotional support or a mere shoulder to lean on.

Her warm personality and friendly welcoming approach to others, makes it easier for anyone to open up to her and confide in her with matters of the heart. She’s a people’s person and can light up any room with her gentle caring nature and her beautiful smile and all kids love her to bits, including my own two children. She has two teenage children of her own, Yandisa who is 18 years of age and who wishes to become a doctor after he matriculates and Temabhengu her 16 year old daughter who also excels at school, doing commercial subjects and with a keen interest to embark on being a successful businesswoman herself one day.

As we find that more youths are turning to drugs, prostitution and gang related violence and with unemployment and crime on the rise, our support groups can hopefully bring about positive changes if we approach this dilemma with tenacity, optimism and perseverance. Children, teenagers and women are the ones who often fall victim to rape, violence and emotional or physical abuse, with our Support Groups we endeavour to get to the root of the problems plaguing our women and children as we believe with the proper guidance and support basis, we might save lives and give hope to many.

In the near future, we plan to conduct motivational seminars at local primary and high-schools to teach kids about the dangers of not getting a proper education and how life in the real world isn’t what they perceive it to be. Our children need love, support and encouragement, and we at Tilulu are there to offer that to them. We believe we can bring about positive results with the proper support from our Government, community, teachers and parents.