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My Passion for Dance

dancing passion

My passion for dancing started before I could walk. My mom and aunts often told me how much I enjoyed listening to music and moving my tiny little body. When I was in Primary school, I joined ballroom dancing and participated in any dance shows or competitions, hosted at the school. Myself and a few of my friends, started our own dance group, and after school, we’d practice all the latest dance moves and add in some of our own. I also did gymnastics as a youngster, until I fell and injured my back.

When I was older, dancing never left my side. I went dancing during the week and over weekends. I would get lost in music and go off into my own world. I’d stay on the dance floor for hours without getting tired. It’s only after I became a mom, that I couldn’t make it to the dance floor as often as I wanted too. But, that did not stop me from dancing at home with my kids.

Now I wish to employ a qualified dance teacher that will conduct dance lessons in contemporary dance and ballroom. Dancing is a good way to relieve stress and to focus once energy and attention on something positive. It also has many health benefits and is a good way of exercising and keeping fit.