So don't be afraid, You are Worth More than Many Sparrows

Framed Art Gallery by Mariam Van Wyk

Mariam, a married woman and a mother of four sons are one of our artist who uses her spare time to create beautiful art pieces. Specializing in art with intricate detail, she uses her unique talents to bring her work to life by making use of sea sand, shells, dried-out pods, plants and butterflies that she carefully selects to create all her beautiful designs which can take up to 4 months to complete depending on the type of material she wishes to use.

Her work is beautifully designed to add radiance and lustre to any room whether it be your office or home environment. Her creative designs will definitely add to the ambiance of your private space. Her captivating work is truly inspiring because she is a self-taught artist who is dedicated in what she does and this can be seen in the end-result of any work she produces.

Being a stay-at-home mom, Mariam hardly has much time to herself with all the house chores, husband and kids that need her undivided attention, yet she still manages to use any time she can salvage to focus on her passion as an artist.

Hopefully in future with the proper financial Aid and support, she wishes to teach women and children at Tilulu how to apply their energy into creating designs that are breathtakingly beautiful. Her remarkable patience in the type of art work she does, clearly shows her commitment as an artist and as a woman who can add to the community by encouraging stay-at-home moms to embark on similar passions that could accrue an income for their house-holds.

  1. Tilulu

    Brother Bearing
  2. Tilulu

    A Delicate Reality 1
  3. Tilulu

    A Delicate Reality 2
  4. Tilulu

    Four Little Smiles
  5. Tilulu

  6. Tilulu

    A Mothers Wish 1
  7. Tilulu

    A Mothers Wish 2
  8. Tilulu

    My Peace in the Jungle
  9. Tilulu

    Princess & the Pods
  10. Tilulu

    Sand Footprints
  11. Tilulu

    Sand Footprints
  12. Tilulu

    Slow & Steady Love
  13. Tilulu

    A Violet Past
  14. Tilulu