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Pre-schools I Teach Art

Little Rascals and Little Angels are two pre-schools I teach art at to children between the age groups of 4-6yrs. Most of my lessons involves teaching them how they can be creative by using different shapes and turning it into a pretty drawing. They are encouraged to discuss each shape, colour or drawing as we go along.

When we do free expression drawings, especially after a weekend or holiday time, they are encouraged to draw whatever they did or anything that may have happened to them that made them feel happy or sad. That’s when I can pick up if they have any under-lying problems they may not be comfortable discussing with adults or their teachers. It also tells me a lot about their home environment. They are then given the opportunity to discuss the drawing with me individually or in a group. Any information I receive from the child that I find discouraging or that may be cause for concern, I convey to the teacher or principal, they in turn will then have a discussion with the parents of that child.

Unfortunately my resources are very limited as far as assisting the child further goes as I am not a qualified social worker or therapist, neither are the teachers able to do much but speak to the parents of that child.

The children are always very eager and excited to learn when we are engaged in creating art. I am hoping to grow in the near future and to be able to do this work full-time in our communities and by employing qualified teachers to assist with all the other different activities we want to implement such as poetry, art therapy, music, song and dance.

At the moment I can only help a few children and my time is limited as a single mother because I have to fetch my daughter attending Grade 1 early from school and then sit with her and do homework, among other things. It would be very difficult for me to fulfil my vision to help strengthen and build up our community, enabling to keep kids off the streets and occupied with interesting things to do, if I am unable to get the proper financial support we need in order to grow our foundation.