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Joshua my Artistic son

My son Joshua turned eleven on the 4th of April and as his mother I’m extremely proud of his amazing gift as a young artist. His been an inspiration to his little sister, his cousins and his friends since they all would like to draw as well as he does. My daughter also has an artistic gift and is following in her big brothers footsteps as an artist.

His a tenacious, intelligent young boy whose been through a lot in his short time on earth. Not having his dad in his life since the age of six, was a huge adjustment for him since they were inseparable at one stage in his life. What made things more difficult for us all was the fact that his father was heavy on drugs and did not put the well-being of his children first. My son went from having everything, to ending up battling it out with me and his sister but I teach my children to keep the faith and to believe and trust in the Lord to provide for our needs and that all things shall come to pass, that our bad times don’t last forever.

Joshua used art to escape from the harsh reality of what he was going through and that was his coping mechanism. It kept his mind busy and made his talent grow. He became better at his gift and I trust and have faith that my son will soar as an artist by following his passion. I always encourage my children not to chase after making money when they’re older but to use their gifts God gave them to find complete happiness in what they do as adults. So many of us don’t do that, we sit stuck in mundane jobs, Monday to Friday, or even over weekends and on public holidays and we’re still not completely fulfilled or satisfied with the choices we’ve made or the paths we’ve chosen to walk.

I’ve honestly seen the positive role art played in my own son’s life. He especially excels at Maths, Natural Science, and English and does well in all his other subjects. Since grade 1, has been awarded with certificates for faring well each year. He is always selected to do poetry recitals for their school because of his fluent English. I remember a time when he was in grade 2, he received a certificate for his goodwill and honesty for picking up a R10 note on the school grounds and handing it in at the office and I wondered to myself how many of us as parent’s would’ve done that as kids. No matter what I’ve been through in life, I am truly blessed to have such amazing children and it is my desire to be a blessing to those less fortunate.

Whenever Joshua has some free time from soccer practice or homework, his always eager to accompany me to my art lessons and has told me on more than one occasion that he would like to teach art with me when he has more free time to spare. I love that my children share my passion for art, that’s what we do when its bonding time, we each sit with pencil, paper and colours and go to a place where we are all three happy, the world of art.

Here Joshua came to show my art class how he draws and his sister joined him for the day. The kids were all amazed that such a young boy can draw so well, the teachers were even more impressed while Skye stood behind her big brother watching him carefully working his magic with his pencil. He takes what he does very serious and at his age he already does awesome comic strips and short stories. He loves writing like his mom and pretty soon we’ll be writing poetry together besides creating art

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