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Motivational Speaker

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One of my strongest points, has always been encouraging others. This started when I was still a youngster. I was gifted with the ability to lift my friends up; to give them hope and to shed light on their problems. I took on strong leadership skills amongst my peers and they looked up to me. I also had good role models, like my late evangelist uncle and my late grandmother, from my mom’s side, who made sure we go to church and read our Bible. I use to watch my uncle stand on the podium; preaching to a large congregation. This motivated me, to motivate others.

I gained more confidence and experience when I started speaking at church, to encourage and help those who needed to hear what I’ve been through and how I survived it. I started going to high schools and did motivational speaking to help and encourage young, teenage girls. The feedback and response I got from students and even teachers, were overwhelming. I knew I was doing something right and this has encouraged me to complete a diploma in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Life Coaching. This will give me the necessary tools and knowledge I need, to be able to help teens/women or men, on a more professional basis.

I completed a course in TV Presenting/News anchoring at our SABC studios in Auckland Park in 1999, where I had my first experience in front of camera crew and producers. This course enabled me to be confident and to speak in a room full of people. This is where I got the opportunity to interview and work with celebrities, such as Nobantu Mphahlele, from the TV show, Golden Cloud, and Tracy Going, a news anchor and well known public figure. It gave me the exposure I needed to make a great motivational speaker. I also attended a full day’s workshop with JT Foxx, a world famous Life/Business Coach and best Motivational Speaker of all time.

tv interview

1999 doing TV presenting at SABC studio, Aukland Park

tv interview

Interviewing Nobantu Mphahlele of Golden Cloud TV show hosted in the 1990’s

Hosted a Woman’s Event in January 2017

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I did two radio interviews with a local radio station, Eldos FM, where I promoted my work as an artist, poet and motivational speaker. I also spoke about a woman’s event l hosted in Eldorado Park in January 2017, with my dear friend, Natalie Danster-Abrahams, a Coach, NLP Practitioner, Author and Pastor. The event focused on women uniting and coming together to support, uplift and be there for one another. We were privileged to have TV journalists covering our event from LoveWorldSAT. Their details can be perused at


women's event

A local journalist, Enver Wessels, covered the event for the Eldorado Park/Soweto area. A poem I wrote can be seen on the following link:
Women presenting a united front in Eldos

school girls

Girls at Missouri Secondary School in Eldorado Park getting ready to be inspired, uplifted, encouraged and motivated.

The days event focused on talks concerning, teenage pregnancy, dropping out of school, drugs, HIV and Aids, the importance of a good education, being in abusive relationships, and respecting ones body. Kholi and I spoke about our own trials and how we survived as Christians in our faith. The girls were surprised to find out that I also came from Eldorado Park and how I worked hard to get to where I was. I also gave the girls a chance to join my friend’s TV & modeling agency, Talent International, where I’m also a talent scout and make-up artist for our models and clients. You can peruse my work at

school girls 2

After we were done with motivational speaking at the schools, I received dozens of messages from young girls and even the teachers, thanking me for taking the time to come and talk to them. I was filled with joy, knowing I made a difference in a community that I came from. Giving back to this community was a lifelong dream of mine and I was honoured to know that I touched some lives.

school girls 2

The girls at Missouri School were happy to have me and Kholi talk to them about life and how tough it is in the real world, and how foolish choices can lead to devastating consequences. We also focused on spreading the word of God and letting the girls know how important it is for us, to have trust in the Lord.

Visiting another high school in Eldorado Park to do Motivational speaking and to try get the girls to join Talent International. My friend runs her agency based on Christian principles.

high school in eldorado park high school in eldorado park 1

At Eldorado Park Secondary School, doing what I love doing, motivating, encouraging and supporting young teenage girls.