So don't be afraid, You are Worth More than Many Sparrows


Empowering women through shared experiences

Ray Williams has endured many turbulent struggles in her 41 years. From an abuse filled marriage to witnessing her ex-husband’s decline due to drug addiction, and losing a child, she has reinvented herself and devotes her time to giving inspirational motivational talks to women facing the same battle.
She tells of being left penniless and virtually homeless after an acrimonious divorce and finally accepting that the white picket fence dream she nurtured, had been irretrievably lost. Williams established a Non-Profit Organisation called Tilulu Arts and Culture through which she aims to reach at-risk teenagers and women in abusive relationships. Formerly a buyer at an engineering firm, it took losing everything for
her to realise that she needed to let go of material possessions and give back to the community which raised her. An ardent writer and artist, she quit her job to pursue these passions and aims to empower women and those in need through this passion. She says, “As a child, writing and drawing was where I sought an outlet. Focusing my energies on art made me feel more fulfilled and I knew that I could give back to my community through this avenue.”
Williams partnered with motivational speaker, author and life coach, Natalie

raylene williams

Natalie Abrahams and Ray Williams working together to unite women.

Abrahams and the pair have hosted similar events at various schools in Eldorado Park, including
Missourilaan and Eldorado Park Secondary schools.
Their next event is scheduled for January 28 at the Eldorado Park Secondary School Hall. The
theme is ‘Women United’ and they aim to get women together, sharing experiences and being empowered to take charge of their own destiny. Proceedings will start at 530pm and tickets will be charged at R100 at the door or via Abrahams’ e-mail facility at Attendees can also like their
Facebook page called ‘You Matter’. Interested parties can view Williams’ website at for further information.

A video clip of Ray Williams and Natalie Abrahams can be seen on our website at www.westside-eldos, providing more insight.