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School Event/Motivational Speaker Feb 2019

Girls listen attentively as they were being addressed by professionals from Freedom Park/Ext 2 Eldorado Park Clinic, Eldorado Park Traffic Solutions, IBIS Reproductive Health, Eldorado Park Women’s Forum, and Ray from Tilulu NGO – Empowering Women & Children.

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Girls engaged with Sr. Phindiwe from Ext 2 clinic about safe sex and the different precaution measures they need to take to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Girls raised the question that nursing staff are very strict and that that may scare them from going for family planning, or for seeking any other advice. Hopefully, this issue will be addressed and young girls will not feel embarrassed, scared or intimidated when needing help that may determine the outcome of their future.

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Teachers, students and members of the Dept. of Community & Safety, the Women’s Forum, IBIS Reproductive Health, Eldorado Park Clinic and Ray from Tilulu, who all play an important role in serving the community and helping the youths of Eldorado Park.

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Ray from Tilulu, encouraged the girls to keep their legs closed and to focus on their studies, instead of making babies and then having abortions. She stressed the fact that she’s anti-abortion, unless there is good reason for it (i.e. in cases of rape and/or medical reasons). She spoke about her own experiences, her life, and the journey she embarked on to be able to empower and motivate women and young girls to learn from her mistakes and not to repeat it. Her love and passion for people and art, led her to pursue her dreams by giving back to a community she stems from. Girls were elated to learn that she lived and schooled in Eldorado Park and she’s back to make a difference in their lives.