So don't be afraid, You are Worth More than Many Sparrows


Broken Souls

broken soul

If it's true that we attract who we are
Then why do we choose from desolate valleys
Broken souls that come to us from distances afar...
Distances so evident in the way we think
Even our personalities & our ways are held together by a broken link
We attract broken souls when our very own paths have led to our demise
Where we stumble & fall & behind closed doors we cry
Only once we are completely healed of our very own transgressions
Will we stop attracting broken souls with all their confessions!
Confessing to how sorry they are
When we lay in a pool of our very own blood
Or how bad they feel when they lightly stroke our bruises that have barely healed
Caused by them in a fit of fury & out of total rage
Because their souls are broken they can never feel or understand our pain
Or see the words that we leave unspoken because things will never be the same
These are souls who come into our lives to teach us grave lessons & to make us wise
That's why we shouldn't let our ship dock at such lifeless harbors for very long
We should learn our lesson & just move on
Eventually the Universe will stretch open her arms
After we have determined our very own worth
When we don't need a man to make us happy or to show us love
That's when the heavens shall open & like beautiful white doves
Will swoop down upon us & the radiance of love
Will fill our lives with blessings sent from above
To fuel us with a burning desire to share our unfailing love
With a man who is worthy & called by the Lord
Someone kind & caring who lives by Gods word
That will never abuse us or cause unnecessary pain.
His love will engulf even the loneliest of hearts
To stop tears from falling like droplets of rain
That left us feeling we are falling apart
Slowly going insane

20 Jan 2013

Dear Lord

Dear Lord

Why should we be thrown against the hard knocks of life?
For You to teach us grave lessons we may not always take in our stride
Why should we be stripped of our dignity & pride?
For You to break us to be humble & to make us all wise
We try so hard not to succumb to the agony of failing
While our fear, we so desperately try to hide
Isn't it sad how we just keep on falling?
Try'in to get up in the midst of our pain
Some of us surrender to our battles
Fighting in vain

Others call out in prayer
As we fall too our knees
Crying out, "Lord Please!"
Take of my burdens & carry them for me
Please do not forsake me when my world is closing in on me!
Oh Dear Lord come & guide me, redeem me & strengthen me I plead

When I feel lost as I drift off in fear
Gasping for breath as I come up for air
Drowning in sorrow - trapped in despair
Trying to be brave, knowing that You care
Although there are times when hardships keep knocking at my door
And all I want to do is cry & fall to the floor
Cry out in anger
That the weight of my cross is pushing down heavy on me
Slowing me down immensely & darkness is all I can see

But then a voice whispers softly telling me that I'm not alone
For I have the power to believe in myself
And the One seated on the throne
That things will get better
For all these tests are just my Fathers way of calling out to me
To reach my full potential & take the path He has chosen for me
Restoring precious gifts I kept hidden like treasure
Bestowed to me the day of my birth
So with all of my trials and tribulations
I shall be stronger until the day I return to the earth
And rise up in glory to be with My Lord
Where sweet smells shall await me of Frankincense & myrrh

12 July 2013

Don't Give Up

Don't Give Up

To soar like an eagle
Or to ride with the tide
Doesn't come easy
No matter how prepared we may think we are
There comes a point in our life
When we arrive at a crossroad
Trying to keep our composure as we carry our load
When the choices we've made
Put us on a path we are too scared to follow
Where the future seems bleak
And all we can do is hope & pray for a better tomorrow
But at the depths of that darkness
When you're at the end of your rope
Plummeting to the bottom; diminished of hope

You feel your spirit is broken
And your prayers go unanswered
You stagger and fall
Realizing you've hit a brick wall
Just quiet your mind
Let the energy flow
Search deep within you & there you shall find
A wonderful spirit
As pure as a child's
Let that light shine through you
And on your face; light up a smile

Believe in yourself & try to live in the NOW
Remember even bad things only last for awhile
The sun shall emerge from behind every dark cloud
Making away for beautiful rays that will light up the sky
Even after each storm there's always a rainbow
So don't feel like a victim & hold onto your faith
Make that choice NOW because it's never too late
To pick yourself up & carry on with your journey again
Rest assured when surviving life's storms
Your old self shall die; you'll never be the same

01 July 2013

I Found My Peace

I Found My Peace

I'm letting go of my hurtful past
For these storms of mine were not meant to last
I'm letting go of people who drag me down
Coz all they do is make me frown
I'm ready to receive only blessings & joy
For in the midst of all my trials
My Father walked beside me through all of these miles
And even though my past have pierced through my soul
My spirit is stronger, it's made me whole
Can't deny these trials, the truth be told
My faith got tested
My hopes grew weak
But then I remembered my Fathers words
"Be still & know that I am God"
Now I thank Him for every battle I've fought and every race that I've won
Because without those trials, I wouldn't be strong

I cried many nights, didn't know what to do
But pray to my Father
Knowing His word is true
That He wouldn't give me a cross too heavy to bear
Although at times I felt it just wasn't fair
That all my trials & tribulations were driving me mad
I even wondered if my Father were listening to my prayers
That thought alone left me bewildered making me so sad
It covered me in a blanket of fear
For I felt my cross was way too heavy to bear
Breaking me to pieces & tearing me apart
I questioned why He gave this heavy burden to me
That tore at my heart

But then I began to understand
All this time He was actually giving me a hand
To empower me with wisdom
To be all that I can
Making me a strong woman
To appreciate and love who I am
So I took all of my fears and concerns
To the Mighty One above
He promises me
That my faith in Him will set me free
Free from these bondages of life
That eats at OUR soul & cuts like a knife

Now I found peace in God & all of His love
For My life I've entrusted to Him
And He'll guide me from heaven above
I stand firm in my faith
My life in His hands
And for every problem that I may face
I know with Him by my side
I'll surely win any race
No more living in fear
My Father has come & dried up all of my tears

He promised me a beautiful rainbow
After each treacherous storm
So I'll trust in my Lord
And try to live in His ways
For one day I know He'll come & take me back home
To my final resting place where I'll never feel alone
But for now I'll continue my journey
With His love & peace in my heart
Where I'll always praise & worship Him
Knowing in Him I won't ever fall apart




When I was younger
My family was broken
This was my home
The oldest of four
My brother and two sisters
Thank goodness - mom never had more
We lived with our gran
She helped raise my siblings and I
She was a strict lady
I thought I would die

At this times I would see my dear mom sitting in tears
For she longed to be married
But only to my dad
But this was her dellusion
For it made me so mad
Why such a beautiful woman
Choose to be so sad
I saw all her suffering
I felt all her pain
But why did she not move on
And not live so in vain
Guess that is mom's choice
Won't even question her why
For she loved us unconditionally
And that is no lie

I remember all the good times I had with you mom
Back in the day when you were still young
We'd sit digging up earthworms
To me, that was such fun
You'd skip and ball with me
All day in the sun
Then put me to bed never forgetting my prayers
And hold me and sing to me
All through my young years
I remember my friends always telling me, "you such a cool mom"
But I always knew that
My mom was the bomb
I admit over the years it seems we've drifted apart
But just know this dear mom
I love you with all my heart

TO MY MOTHER LYRO with all my love, 8th Aug 2009

The Beauty of a True Woman

The Beauty of a True Woman

Not by glowing skin
Or beautiful hair
Nor her scented smell
That fills the air
Can the beauty of a true woman be defined;
But by the wisdom she holds dear at the back of her mind
And the strength she endures not to give up the race
Edged deep are her experiences written in the lines on her face
Echoes of tears long fallen remind her she's come this far

She understands how it feels to fall apart
Yet manages to still love with a faithful heart
Her untold stories are seen when you stare deep into her eyes
For there you shall see within her soul
Secrets kept buried, memories held sacred, a past to behold
She doesn't back down - embraces her trials
Her loving touch & her caring heart
Is where her true beauty resides
And from the world
She hides all the tears that she has cried
Filled with grace she carries on her tedious mile
Burdened with aches and pains that she has to bear
Doesn't stop her from showing others how much she cares
So the beauty of a true woman is surely defined
By being a better woman
And standing tall amidst her trying times

6 July 2013

What's Become of this World

What's Become of this World

Oh dear Lord I must cry
For it makes me so sad
All the violence and killing
Its' driving me mad
For when you created us
You made us with love
Poured out your mercy and blessing
Send from above

So why do we behave like this
Barbaric and insane
Raping little children
Our souls lost in vain
Oh dear Lord, what's become of this world
You laid down your law and gave us your word

For time will come to pass
When not a stone left unturned
When the heavens shall open
We wait for your return
For every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess
For the way that we lived our lives
In this world full of stress
For now I understand
Why our judgement so harsh
When the sulphur of hell
Will be all that we smell
Eternal demnation, torturement and pain
This is our punishment
Our souls lost in vain

JULY 2009



A teary eye
A wondering mind
A blissful sky
That we search to find
A shoulder to lean on
A hand to hold
A caring heart
To call our own
We walk this road
Strong and bold
We're still not appreciated
The lies we are told
Our lives cut short
Out of anger and rage
By the ones who love us
But who keeps us caged
Children are suffering
Homes are broken
Mothers are weeping
Is this life's token?
But we stand tall
And around our hearts
We erect high walls
Although we might walk in fear and don't feel safe
We won't let it show
Or give up our race

Our love go out to our sisters who were taken away too soon
For just as the sun rises at the break of each new dawn
So shall you always be loved and your memories always live on
A salute to all strong women who fought for our rights
Opening up doors to equality and freedom of speech
So even if we get slain for who we are or what we believe
We shall brave this world with a fighting spirit
Because we know how to handle pain
We fight to get up amidst our storms and pouring rains
We carry on
Hiding behind a beautiful smile
All the hurt & pain that makes us strong

20 Feb 2013

(I was inspired to write this poem in Memory of Reeva Steenkamp, my cousin Sherezaad Van Wyk who was brutally raped and murdered at fifteen and to all our other innocent women and children around the world who fell victim to the same malicious fate and taken away from us way too soon)

A Sad Goodbye

sad goodbye

I start by saying
I knew not where this journey would take me
To desolate places I did not want to be
My strength grew weaker as I tried to carry on
I hid from the world my demons I fought
Yet deep inside of my Being I was slowly dying
And through all of this I couldn't stop crying
Trying to hold on with all that I had
And with all of my might

Not realizing that one day soon I'll give up this fight
Although to some I may have hidden the truth
But not from our Father who saw my heart
And how all these trials and tribulations were tearing me apart
It sometimes became too much for me to bear
That all I wanted to do
Was close my eyes and dry up my tears
I shouldn't be judged if I couldn't carry on
Cause all I wanted was for this pain to go away
That I was willing to stand before Judgement any day
I know that this will cause a void of despair
To those I leave behind who loved me dearly and who truly cared
Please don't be angry or question my only will
That's between my Father and me
For He knew straight away when He looked in my eyes
That I was weary and tired and needed my rest
For my sins to my Savior I had already confessed
So take only good memories and hold onto that
I wouldn't want to look down from heaven and see anyone fret
I lived my life to the full, a true child of God
Wherever I am now, I know no pain or sorrow
And even though I may not share in another tomorrow
I'm resting my head upon my Father's lap
I just couldn't wait to be with Him
But please know one thing, I'll always be there
Watching over all of you in spirit
I'll always be near
And even though my seat may now be empty
At parties and dinners, weddings and Christmases
I'm much happier now
Because through salvation I was saved
And now only an empty vessel is lying in that grave
So even though my seat may now be empty
I am seated in a higher, more glorious place
And all I want is to see a smile on everyone's face
For death is just the beginning of something new
I've only crossed over to a heavenly place
Where a radiant sun shines in sky's ever so blue
Where we'll all be re-united one day soon
So to all my family and all my dear friends
This is just a sad goodbye
And when you look for me I won't be far
Just raise your heads up and look at the stars
For there in the peaceful glistening night
I'll be shining ever so bright
So just for now, this is only a sad goodbye



(I wrote this poem in memory of my dear cousin Noeleen, whom I had the honour and privilege of meeting for the last time 2 weeks before her suicide, she was all smiles and looking ever so radiant and happy like we all remember her, the strong Cristian woman always smiling and helping all those who crossed her path, right to the very last. I put myself in her shoes while writing this poem, I asked the Lord what my cousin would've wanted to say to the family before putting words to paper and this is the poem that transpired)