So don't be afraid, You are Worth More than Many Sparrows


Who Are We and Why Support Us?

Tilulu Arts & Culture is a Non-Profit Organization made up of three single mothers driven with the passion and desire to empower women and children. We are committed to exploring, to building and to embracing the Pride and Heritage of our people Africa. We endeavour to unite our Rainbow Nation of women and children through cultural music, song, and dance and to bring the fundamentals of English literature and poetry back into our community.

Organization Details and What Drives our Project

Founded by myself Ray, and with the help and support of my two truly amazing friends Kholi and Michelle, we came together with the aim to protect our women and children, to improve their daily lives and help keep kids off the streets and to give women hope who suffers from all sorts of daily abuse. We believe that our experiences have been our best teachers. We are now capable and competent to share our wisdom and teaching with others in a fun and interesting way by bringing cultures together with the great benefits our project has to offer and the difference it will make to our youths, children and women. Although we may not be able to save the whole world, we believe that the few lives we touch will inspire others in our community and around the globe to do the same, working together being a source of strength to one another.

Sponsors Benefits and Working Together

At the moment we have land available in Eldorado Park donated to us by my church pastor to erect our Arts & Culture School/Community centre that will also serve as a hall to host our dance, poetry and music competitions. We will also conduct regular concerts and fund raisers at our Centre, inviting celebrities and media personalities that will be beneficial to our sponsors by adding value to their business and community image and they will also be given free tickets and front row seats at these events. We are also willing to accommodate prospective sponsor’s needs upon request. According to their levels of sponsorships, we will include them in all our marketing, media or press releases and invitations will be extended for photo opportunities that are being done for our project. I’m also on the verge of securing a 15-30min time slot on our local radio station talking about the benefits of arts and culture in our community and giving a word of encouragement to our women and I’ll make sure to mention all our individual sponsors when this happens. Supporting us also gives opportunities for corporate volunteering and corporate branding and NO money donated to our cause will ever be in vain because we are driven by passion and the need to help the less fortunate. To maintain a good working relationship with our sponsors, we will engage in follow-up meetings with them, compiling reports and allowing them to be involved in the management of any special future events.

Our Short-Term Goals

It is vitally important for us to foresee the building of Our Community centre that will serve as a place where women can come together to heal, meet new friends and talk about their problems. They will be encouraged to learn a new skill in music, art or writing. Our children will have the opportunity to nurture their creative abilities and hidden talents. At present, we do not have any of these facilities available in our community and with the shocking abuse of alcohol and drugs amongst our young children increasing at an alarming rate, by building a Centre like this can only serve the community well. Our quotation for the building of the Community centre is currently Fifteen Million Rand (R15 000 000) and this is one of our main goals to ensure the completion of our Centre with the generous help of sponsors, donors and our fund raisers. Our other requirements include transportation vehicles, furniture, stationary, equipment, overheads and different supplies we need to embark on this project and sponsors or any good Samaritans willing to donate any of these items to our organization will assist us tremendously in achieving our goals in bettering the lives of our women and children in our community.

Why it’s Imperative for us to succeed

Our cause is driven by passion to help change the lives of those who seem to be without hope. We are in need of raising these funds before the end of this year in order to alleviate the problems our women and children are plagued with, to better the lives of our most vulnerable people in our community and to create new jobs for teachers, staff and volunteers. It’s imperative for us to succeed because it will enable us to give our women and children a new lease on life and hope for a brighter future.

Bank Details

FNB bank , KARAGLEN branch
Branch code: 252-442
ACC name Tilulu Trust
ACC no. 62459531317