So don't be afraid, You are Worth More than Many Sparrows

Motivational Speaker, Womens Social Support


Kholekile Nkumane; My Beautiful African Sister

Kholi is a really special person in my life. We met at a time when we both rented tiny little cottages on the same property in Edenvale, South Africa. She came into my life when I felt I had no family and friends left over, when my trials became too heavy for me to bear. We brought laughter, joy and healing into each other’s lives as we both were faced with so many obstacles to overcome, in our personal lives, our finances and our family circumstances. We’d spend so many evenings talking about our trials, our victories, our failed relationships, and how we want to make a difference in the lives of others, even while our own lives were falling apart. But mainly our conversations revolved around our love and passion for The Lord and how He sustained us through all of this and still does to this day. She always spoke about how she wants to start her own ministry and that’s still her dream today. I spoke about wanting to start a foundation to empower women and children, which has always been my lifelong dream. We encouraged each other but our faith and trust in The Lord is what pulled us both through all those trying times.

Kholi was born in Swaziland and spent her years attending boarding school where she learnt what it’s like to be a responsible child and to take care of herself away from her parents. She attended St Michael’s Primary School, St Mark’s High School and Swaziland College of Technology (National Diploma in Secretarial) in Swaziland and moved to Gauteng in 1996 to pursue a career after she completed schooling. She later embarked on studying further. She completed a Diploma in Payroll Administration and is still hitting the books to complete her (B.B.A) degree in Marketing Management. With this knowledge, her work experience and committed service to the work of The Lord, do I trust Kholi to be an ideal person capable of working with me on a professional and spiritual level bettering the lives of others for many years to come. I know the genuine love and passion she has for those who crosses her path, inspires me to know I have such a truly amazing beautiful friend both inside and out. She attracts people to her like a magnet.

I’ve come to know Kholi to always be smiling and willing to help others. She’s such a humble person and her trials hasn’t changed her or made her bitter, it only made her a better person and one that I can depend on and trust with my whole being. I could think of no one better but her to start this foundation with to help empower women and children because I know she does things from her heart. She’s not driven or motivated by money but by her passion and need to help others. She has a way of bringing life to any dull situation and with her being actively involved with youths in her community, bringing the word of The Lord to anyone she meets, I know myself and so many others can truly depend on her.